Pour Some Sugar On Me

22 Dec

Satisfy That Sweet Tooth

By Alya Alyssa kattan

Can eating candy really keep you calm?  The answer might surprise you.

A new study just recently published compared the behavior of two groups of volunteers where one consumed lemonade sweetened with sugar while the other drank lemonade sweetened with artificial sweetener.  The results showed that the participants who drank the lemonade sweetened with sugar behaved less aggressively than the other group.  The reason is avoiding the urge to punch someone out takes a lot of self control and of course self control requires energy and sugar provides that instant boost of energy the brain needs.

So the next time you’re feeling angry or about to snap at someone, go ahead and indulge in something sweet; however, just make sure it is something healthy like a piece of fruit.

If you are interested in reading the full article, follow the link below.


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