Victoria’s Secret

8 Jan

Look Sexy in Lingerie

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

How do Alessandra, Gisele, Adriana and the other angels look so sexy wearing next to nothing.  What’s their secret to maintaining a smoking bod?  Well it’s thanks to this guy Justin Gelband.

Here are a few of Justin’s tricks on how to get a body like Victoria’s finest.  Also I have included a video of exercises that Justin has the models do to get in tip top shape for the run way. 

1. Justin advices against the use of heavy weights and recommends using light weights for long lean toned muscles.  His leg workouts focus on balance to develop overall toning.

2. His diet plans are constructed following the blood type guidelines.

3. He knows the importance of posture that is why he incorporates both balancing and ab-tightening Pilates routines into his workouts to improve overall posture.

4. He mentions that the “3 best places to tone are the hips, inner thighs and stomach.” 

Watch the video to transform your body and in no time you will want to show it off in lacy lingerie!    

Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days Videos at Fitness Magazine.


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