8 Apr

Sexy as ever post pregnancy

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

I think JLO has one of the hottest bodies in the world!  She is fit, healthy, super toned and athletic. She has a career, a family, and is super busy but still finds time to exercise.  She just gets better and better with age.

Here is how she lost the 50 pounds she gained during her pregnancy.   

  • Followed the Dukan Diet system
  • Started training 5 months after giving birth
  • Worked out 6 times a week alternating 35-minute runs with swimming and 50-minute bike rides

Summary of the Dukan Diet Plan

 This fad diet claims to help people achieve permanent weight loss while eating as much as they want.  You eat foods high in protein but low in fat, drink lots of water; eat a lot of oat bran, some vegetables, and no fruits.  You do only 20 minutes of walking each day and have to avoid using elevators.

Warning:  There have been a number of food agencies that have reported that the diet is dangerous and it was labeled as one of the five worst diets of 2011 by The British Dietetic Association.

Before starting any new diet or exercise program always consult with a professional.

2 Responses to “JLO-licious!!”

  1. Tala April 9, 2011 at 4:43 PM #

    Interesting. Gonna go research this diet right now 😉 Thanks Alya. Btw, this blog is one of my top favourite at the moment 🙂

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