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Youthful Skin

30 May

Anti-aging foods

By Alya Alyssa Kattan
Can eating certain foods keep you looking years or even decades younger than your real age? Yes!  The below foods can delay the effects of aging, improve your skin elasticity, and keep wrinkles away.  Add them to your diet to transform your health and looks!  Continue reading

Fat Burning Breakfast

29 May

By Alya Alyssa kattan

This recipe is full of fiber, complex carbs, and vitamins.  It will keep you full for hours and give you lots of energy to face your day! ADA reported that women who ate cereal were 30 % less likely to be overweight than those who ate other foods.  Enjoy-eat and be slim! Continue reading

Alya’s fit tip

29 May

Easy Weight loss

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

Lose weight without dieting just by eating more fiber.  Consuming 8 grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories can result in about 4 pounds of weight loss.  Continue reading

Alya’s fit tip

25 May

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

Want an easy way to cut on calories?  Stop drinking soda.  One can contains 10-12 teaspoons of sugar and 150 calories. 

Think that you’re being good by drinking diet instead?  Continue reading

Healthy Fatty Foods

24 May

Skinny Girl Diet

By Alya Alyssa Katan

Fan Question Time: Hey Alya! This recipe sounds delicious. I’m a cooker, so seeing you post recipes is great.

I Have a request to make! I know your blog is all about being fit and you give advice on excercise and the correct direction we should take with our diets. In my case though, I’m the ‘skinny girl’. I’ve tried to find ways to gain a little weight, but I’ll eat the chips, and the fried foods and a lot of bread but I know it isn’t the HEALTHY way to gain weight. Do you think you can do a post on fatty foods that are good for you? I know avocados are, as well as most nuts…but thats where my list ends. I would appreciate it much!!

Yes you’re right about avocados and nuts.  Keep eating them.  Thanks for the suggestion and quesiton darling!!  Xx Love you!!!

The below foods not only taste good but are actually good for your heart too!  Continue reading

Alya’s fit tip

23 May

Daily calories = weight loss

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

Here is an easy way to calculate how many calories you must consume daily to drop 10 pounds.  Continue reading

No Time Workout

23 May

Burn Fat

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

Just 4 minutes to a slimmer you!  This video is short but intense because it works your entire body.  Continue reading

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