Youthful Skin

30 May

Anti-aging foods

By Alya Alyssa Kattan
Can eating certain foods keep you looking years or even decades younger than your real age? Yes!  The below foods can delay the effects of aging, improve your skin elasticity, and keep wrinkles away.  Add them to your diet to transform your health and looks! 
  • Almonds

Are rich in vitamin E which is needed for healthy skin, hair and nails.   If you want to look younger, eat a handful of almonds every day.

  • Sunflower Seeds

Contain vitamin E and selenium.  Eat a handful daily to keep wrinkles away and improve skin elasticity.  You can add them to your cereal or eat them raw.

  • Avocados

This super food is considered one of nature’s best moisturizers.  It is full with anti-aging nutrients—Vitamin C and E, and Omega 3 fatty acids.  Eat 1 avocado every day to keep your skin looking soft and supple.

  • Apples

Want clearer younger looking skin?  Eat 2 to 3 apples daily. 

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