Gorgeous Mane

13 Sep

What to eat for thick, long, healthy locks

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

Is your hair too thin and short for your liking?  Have you tried all the imaginable products and do it yourself home remedies and you’re still unhappy with the results?  Well you might be going at it all wrong.  So it’s time to stop wasting your money, time, and energy and let’s take a hard look at our diet!  Our skin and hair reflect the foods we eat; hence the saying ‘you are what you eat’. So if you’re in search for luxurious, thick, long, strong, and just perfect looking commercial hair this post is for you!  To get beautiful hair from the inside out, follow the tips below.

Gorgeous Hair Diet

  • Eat Iron-rich Protein-Up your intake of protein-most women don’t get enough!  The recommended amount per day is 37 to 50 grams.  Eating enough protein will give you thicker and stronger hair.  Good sources of iron-rich protein include clams, oysters, lean beef, turkey, duck, lamb, chicken, pork, shrimp, eggs, tofu, soybeans, lentils, beans, and black-eyed peas.
  • Eat the Rainbow-Increase your intake of antioxidants to keep your hair strong and healthy and promote hair growth.  Choose at least 1 daily serving from each of the four rainbow color groups – red, orange, green, and purple.
  1. Red-choose from strawberries, cherries, pomegranates, watermelon, tomatoes or peppers.
  2. Orange-eat apricots, cantaloupe, oranges, mangoes, peaches, carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, or yellow and orange peppers.
  3. Green-select from any of the following asparagus, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, green beans, grapes or kiwi.
  4. Purple-munch on blackberries, blueberries, grapes, plums, prunes, and raisins.
  • Have Zinc-Low levels of zinc can cause hair loss, slow growth, and dandruff.  Good sources of zinc include oysters, lean beef, crab, ostrich, pork tenderloin, peanut butter, wheat germ, turkey, veal, pumpkin seeds, chicken, and chickpeas.
  • Eat Healthy Fats/Omega-3-Great sources include avocados, nuts and seeds, tuna, mackerel, salmon, flax seeds and walnuts. Good fats play an important role in hair health to make it strong, healthy, shiny, and grow.
  • Get your B’s-folate, B-6, B-12-If you aren’t getting enough B, your hair will be weak and break easily, you’ll shed more, and it will take forever for it to grow out.
  1. Good sources of vitamin B6 include fortified whole-grain breakfast cereals, garbanzo beans, wild salmon, lean beef, pork tenderloin, chicken breast, white potatoes (w/skin), bananas, and lentils.
  2. Good sources of Vitamin B12 include clams, oysters, crab, wild salmon, fortified whole-grain breakfast cereal, soy milk, trout, lean beef, and low-fat cottage cheese.
  3. Good sources of folate include fortified whole-grain breakfast cereals, lentils, black-eyed peas, soybeans, oatmeal, turnip greens, spinach, green peas, artichokes, okra, beets, parsnips, and broccoli.

These tips will work on healthy individuals.  Nutrition cannot help thicken thinning hair resulting from male pattern baldness or thinning hair due to aging.  Also keep in mind that eating these foods now will affect only new growth, not the part of the hair that is already visible.  So start today and within about 6 mon. to 1 yr. you will have a gorgeous head of hair, depending on how fast your hair grows which varies between ½ and 1 ½ inches per month.

Photo Credit: womanbeautycaretips.blogspot


One Response to “Gorgeous Mane”

  1. Anna September 13, 2011 at 6:59 PM #

    Hi Alya. Funny you should post this…
    I had a blood test recently after my hair started shedding, and the doctor told me my ‘urea and electrolytes’ were abnormal. She told me over the phone and didn’t really go into detail. Do you know what causes that? I am only 21 and this hair shedding is making me very upset…My hair is very thin now.

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