Alya’s Hot Body Tip of the Day

12 Oct

Shimmy Your Way Slim

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

Tired of going to the gym and working your butt off on the elliptical machine?  Exercise should be fun or else we won’t keep up with it!

My favorite thing to do which burns a lot of calories is to put on my favorite dance music and jump around.  Or I play my favorite music video and dance.  Literally it feels like just a few minutes have gone by when it’s more like hours have passed.

So make a playlist of your favorite tunes and get up and MOVE!  Invite friends for more fun.  You will burn anywhere from 200 to 6oo calories per hour.


One Response to “Alya’s Hot Body Tip of the Day”

  1. Lina October 13, 2011 at 2:14 AM #

    Ur right I used to pay for the gym and immediately leave…. But I found what I really like it’s fun and burns lots of calories per hour 500-800kcal I’m talking about FUNtastic ZUMBA…. I LOVEEEEEEE Ittttttt…..

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