Friday: Q & A

30 Dec

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

Hi my gorgeous darlings!!! Xx ❤ It’s Q & A time again!  Keep the questions coming!!  Love you all!!

Question: Hi Alya! Should I rest between lifting sets?

Answer: Thanks doll for the question!!  Xx ❤

How much time you rest between sets can affect the type of workout you get.  So it all depends on what you are trying to do.  If your goal is to get toned, don’t rest longer than 2 minutes.  If your goal is to burn as much fat as possible, skip rests all together because going from 1 move to the next without resting will boost your calorie burn!

However a word of caution: taking rests is important especially for a beginner to prevent injury.  Since the amount of time can vary a bit, depending on how many sets you’re going for and how heavy the weight is, resting for 60-90 seconds between sets is a good guideline to follow.

Review of the Guidelines:

  • Rest 1 minute or not at all-If your goal is fat loss and burning calories.
  • Rest 2 minutes-If your goal is muscular endurance.
  • Rest 3 minutes-If your goal is trying to build muscle/strength.

One Response to “Friday: Q & A”

  1. Candice December 31, 2011 at 7:11 PM #

    Thanks Alya! You’re posts are always so informative!

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