Habits Causing Weight Gain

12 Jan

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

I absolutely love watching the Doctors TV show!  I learn so much from watching it.  One of my favorite episodes is “5 Reasons You Gain Weight” where they discuss seemingly harmless habits at home which may be the cause of your weight gain.

Some of the Important highlights from show:

1. Are your plates making you fat?

Colors affect our mood and energy.  Eating on red color dishes could make you gain weight by enticing your appetite.  The opposite is true of the color blue; it suppresses the appetite.  So to help with your weight loss efforts, use blue color everything-blue plates, a blue tablecloth or even paint the kitchen blue.

2. Is your night light making you fat?
See the short video clip below to see why sleeping with the light on could cause weight gain, and why catching your zzz’s can make you thinner.

5 Reasons You Gain Weight-#4 Your Habits at home

3. Is your workout making you fat?

Some people use exercise as an excuse to raid the refrigerator after a workout.  Exercise isn’t an excuse to pig out!  You must make sure to count calories and take in the right number of calories daily.

Also check out these other common diet mistakes.


2 Responses to “Habits Causing Weight Gain”

  1. Nilo January 12, 2012 at 12:33 AM #

    Hey Alya love you blog
    can you suggest a diet plan for Hypothryoidism patients

  2. bonkasaurus January 12, 2012 at 6:35 AM #

    Love that show. I definitely feel like i eat way more after a workout, bad habits i need to break.

    -Bianca at http://theinbetweengirls.wordpress.com/

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