Friday: Q & A

23 Mar

HELP!! Can’t Lose Weight!

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

Hi Loveeeesss!!!  Happy Friday!!!  Sorry for not answering any of your questions in a while 😦 & I promise I will try my best to answer 1 question a week!  So keep them coming &  thank you all for visiting my blog!!!

Question: Hi Alya,  love your blog.  I need your help!  I have been trying to lose weight for some time and it is just not coming off! Everything I try is not working. I try excising and still can’t lose the weight. Is there something that I’m doing wrong??? Please help me! Thanks Hadeel

Answer: Hi Hadeel!  Hope you’re amazing love!!  Thank you for the question and for visiting my blog! Xx ❤

Since you’re exercising, maybe the weight isn’t budging because you have built some muscle.  Don’t use the scale as an indication as to how much weight you have lost.  See how your clothes feel that’s a better indication.  Also darling I would love to help you out but I need more answers from you to be able to help you better such as:

How much, how long, & what type of exercise do you do?

A 3 day food diary/journal listing all the foods you haven eaten.

If you aren’t keeping a food journal, it’s a good idea to start.  It will allow you to be conscious of how much you are eating and what you’re eating. There are many free online diet and weight loss journals that allow you to track your food, log your activities and provide a calorie counter as well.  

For now what I can tell you to do is to follow the advice in the following posts below.  I have chosen a few of my favorite posts that I believe would be beneficial to you.  Try them out and let me know how they work for you?  Best of luck love!!! Muuahhh

Habits Causing Weight Gain

I absolutely love watching the Doctors TV show!  I learn so much from watching it.  One of my favorite episodes is “5 Reasons You Gain Weight” where they discuss seemingly harmless habits at home which may be the cause of your weight gain.

Some of the Important highlights from show:

No Diet + No Exercise = Weight Loss

Here are some easy to follow tips for losing weight for those who dread exercising and dieting! (more…)

Best Fat-Burner

I know I have been posting a lot on caffeine lately but it’s because I have been reading quite a bit on it and have found a lot of beneficial information concerning its correlation with weight loss. I promise this will be the last post I do on it for a while!

Caffeine, a fat burner?  How?  (more…)

Build the Perfect Body

We come in many different shapes and sizes; we are not a one size fits all!  So the same exercise and diet will not work for everybody.

Having the body of your dreams just means figuring out where you store fat and how quickly you build muscle.  This is where knowing your body type comes in handy because it will allow you to create the perfect workout and diet.  So which body type are you? Continue reading →

Slimmer Abs in 3 Weeks

Do you hate when your belly hangs over your jeans?  Want to slim down that pooch?  To see results in just three weeks, try the suggestions below. Continue reading →

Seaweed Diet

Eat seaweed to fit in your skinny jeans? WHAT?  Can this algae really help with weight loss? Continue reading →

Burn Calories While Sleeping

If you are having a hard time losing weight, even though you don’t eat much and feel as though you put on weight just by looking at food, well it’s time to turn your body into an efficient burning calorie machine!

Here are the best ways to ignite your engine and stop a sluggish metabolism from ruining your hard efforts. Continue reading →

Also stay away from fad diets!  They can be dangerous and damage your metabolism so as as result will burn calories at a much slower rate.  You will lose weight but as soon as you go off the diet you will gain more weight as body fat and have a higher % of body fat, even if you don’t return to your previous high weight.  So it is crucial not to lose more than 1 to 2 pounds a week.

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