Friday: Q & A

30 Mar

Want to Get Skinny Fast!

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

Hi Loves!!!!  Hope you guys are all doing AMAZING!!!

Question time again 🙂 As I promised last week that I will try my best to answer a question a week.  So keep them coming thank you all!!  Xx ❤ Love you!!

Question: Hi alya 🙂 I need urgent help, do u have a secret to lose 10 kilos in 1 month? I know it’s not healthy but lazim this time 😦 thanks xoxo

Answer: Hi my darling!!!  Thank you for the great question!! Love you!!

I get asked this a LOT!  NOOOO!!!!  There is no magic pill, potion, or secret to taking off the weight otherwise we would all be SKINNY!  Be very careful of diets or pills that promise crazy results! Please never EVER go on a fad diet, no matter how tempted you might be!!!  OK the temptation might be so high seeing how quickly you can lose weight but don’t fall victim to fad diets.

Eating healthy and exercising should be a lifestyle and not practiced just because you need to lose a few pounds!  Remember that diets are a temporary fix and each time you go on a diet it will get harder and harder for you to lose the weight and your body will look worse each time because you will lose muscle.  You might weigh less because you have lost the muscle but you will feel flabby and jiggly.  When you walk everything will jiggle so you will be a skinny fat person which I think is horrible.  I would rather be a bit heavier and firmer than skinny and jiggly.  Why deprive yourself when in the end you can risk looking worse (older & have sagging skin).  Do it the healthy way and your skin & body will thank you with more energy and vibrant & firmer skin.

Do not lose more than 2 pounds a week and never eat less than 1200 calories.  Remember that it takes just weeks for you to notice a difference in your body and the way you feel. So what’s weeks to a more healthier and prettier you!

To lose weight the healthy way, follow Body for Life plan!  I love it, it worked for me and for everyone who I suggested it to!  Also you might find the suggestions in this post helpful HELP!! Can’t Lose Weight! Best of luck love!!! Don’t give up!!!

Fad diets don’t work just view the slide show of some famous yo yo dieters.


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