Get the Bod: JWOWW

3 Apr

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

It’s getting HOTTTT in here!  Let’s take off all our clothes.  Nice words in a song 🙂 but who’s ready for that- summer weather that is?

If you want to look good in a bikini or wearing next to nothing, JWOWW can help!  She has provided an easy cheat sheet with exercises that will tone up your legs, butt, arms, stomach, and boobs.

I do almost all of these exercises or variations of them.  They are super easy to do, can be done at home without any equipment, and they WORK!  Do the routine 2 to 3 times per week resting at least 1 day before doing the routine all over again.

Check out her moves below.  Start TODAY to get your body ready for summer 🙂

The Routine: Spring Fitness Cheat Sheet

1.    Moves for Your ABS – Get abs The Situation would be jealous of with these 3 moves:

1 – The Bicycle Crunch
2 – The Vertical Leg Crunch
3 – The Exercise-ball Crunch

       Click here for individual instructions for each of these ab exercises.

2.    Moves for Your ARMS – Get rid of any post-holiday arm jiggle with these 3 exercises:

1 – Triceps kickback
2 – One-arm Triceps Push-ups
3 – Skull Crushers

       Click here for detailed instructions on my routine for toned arms.

3.    Moves for Your LEGS – Working out your legs is so easy – you can actually do all of
these moves from home:

1 – Squats with Chair
2 – Standing Calf Raises
3 – Inner Thigh Squeezes

       Click here for more on my routine for lean legs.

4.    Moves for Your BUTT – Your ass will be looking sweet with these 3 moves:

1 – Hip Extensions on all fours
2 – Lunges
3 – Step-Ups

       Click here for the details on my moves for your booty.

5.    Moves for Your BOOBS – Because swimsuit season is an excuse to walk around in a bra!

1 – Chest Flies with Dumbells
2 – Modified Push-ups
3 – Chest Presses with Resistance Bands

       Click here for instructions on each of these moves for keeping your tatas tight.

If you need help remembering what to focus your energy on, I even came up with a little acronym for you: All Asses Look Better Bronzed.

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