Guess Who?

8 Apr

Guess The Celeb Body?

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

Guess who the body above belongs to?  Hint:  This sexy columnist made Mr. Blahnik a household name.

Sarah is correct!  She turned the BIG 47 not to long ago & doesn’t see look great!!  She is fit, super toned, and her body doesn’t look a day over 30 😉 Happy Belated Sarah!  Wish you many happy returns.

Here is how she age proofs her body:

  • She EATS!!  No deprivation diets for this scarlet whose favorite indulgences are pasta, bacon, and cheese. However when she has needed to drop a few in the past she’s followed the Hamptons Diet which limits carb intake.
  • She believes in being active! She walks everywhere instead of driving.  When distances are too far, she uses a bike.
  • She makes the time for fitness! This busy mom of 3 exercises daily with 2 hour gym work outs + a 5 mile run.

Photos of SJP


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