Lose the Baby Weight Fast!

16 Apr

Ever wonder how celebrities and VS models (Miranda Kerr) drop the pregnancy weight so quickly? How they are strutting their stuff on the runway 2 months after giving birth when it takes the average woman a year to take the weight off?

Well here are their secrets:

  • They do not gain too much weight! This one is a biggie ladies, please don’t use pregnancy as an excuse to gain weight.  You will pay for it later with cellulite, stretch marks, and stubborn fat/pounds that just doesn’t want to budge :(! Studies show that women who gain too much during pregnancy tend to retain too much weight after pregnancy and have a higher weight in subsequent pregnancies. How much should you gain? It depends on how much you weighed before you conceived and how appropriate that weight is for your height.
  • They breast feed which can burn LOTS of calories up to 500 calories a day.
  • They stay active during and after their pregnancies.
  • They eat healthy. See what Miranda’s diet consists of?

I know these secrets work because they worked for my mom. She also lost all the baby weight with her first two pregnancies right away (within 2 moths). However with her third pregnancy she wasn’t that lucky, she gained way too much weight which took her forever to lose a few pounds and she never lost all the weight she gained during her pregnancy!

Photo Credit: hollywoodlife.com


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