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Yummy Belly Busting Recipe

12 Sep

Vanilla Avocado Soft Serve

Tired of belly bulge? Well here is a super easy to make recipe (only 4 ingredients) that will help shrink your spare tire and make you more gorgeous! Super excited to share this recipe with you all :)!! Hope you enjoy! Continue reading


Stop Aging?

1 Aug

Watermelon = the 10 best foods

By Alya Alyssa KattanJuicy and sweet watermelon, YUMMY!  What’s better than this delicious fruit on a hot sizzling summer day?  I can’t think of anything.  This tasty fruit is not only a great thirst quencher but did you know that: it reverses the signs of aging, it’s super healthy that many natural healing experts are recommending it to be stored in your medicine chest, and it is being called the “The 10 Best Foods.”  Why?  What is so great about this fruit besides its taste? Continue reading

Gobble up calories

11 Jul

Burn Calories While Sleeping

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

If you are having a hard time losing weight, even though you don’t eat much and feel as though you put on weight just by looking at food, well it’s time to turn your body into an efficient burning calorie machine!

Here are the best ways to ignite your engine and stop a sluggish metabolism from ruining your hard efforts. Continue reading

Seeing Double

5 Jul

Drink up for better health & skin

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

Carrots are loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals and are low in calories and fat.  They help with night blindness/vision, cancer, heart disease, aging, and beautifying skin, hair, and nails.  You only need to drink 8 ounces of fresh raw carrot juice daily to benefit from this super food.  If you like your carrot juice with a little kick, make the easy to make recipe below. Continue reading

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