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Yummy Belly Busting Recipe

12 Sep

Vanilla Avocado Soft Serve

Tired of belly bulge? Well here is a super easy to make recipe (only 4 ingredients) that will help shrink your spare tire and make you more gorgeous! Super excited to share this recipe with you all :)!! Hope you enjoy! Continue reading


Alya’s Hot Body Tip of the Day

23 May

Burn Fat Faster With Vitamin C

Not consuming enough vitamin C has been found to correlate with increased body fat and waist measurements. A study from Arizona State found that folks with low-blood concentrations of vitamin C, who walked on treadmills for a 60-minute session, burned 25 percent less fat than Continue reading

Metabolism Boosting Drink!

2 May

Supercharge your metabolism with this delicious and easy to make drink! Only 3 ingredients, how easy is that 🙂 What’s in this drink that makes it so special? Green tea and tangerine! Drinking 1 cup of green tea has been shown to boost metabolism by 12%. Tangerine increases sensitivity to insulin and stimulates genes that help to burn fat. Continue reading

Junk Food Exerciser

28 Apr

How Much Exercise Needed To Burn off The Food!

You went out with a couple of your besties last night and the word diet completely slipped your mind going to town stuffing your face with chocolate cake, deep fried appetizers and entrees. Now you want to do something before you can’t fit into your skinny jeans anymore! The best thing that works for me when I go on a binge eating spree is EXERCISE! I LOVE to eat and sometimes I just don’t have any self-control and exercise is what keeps me from gaining any weight!

So how long should you exercise? Continue reading

Friday: Q & A

20 Apr

Weight Loss Tips for a Curvy Bottom Half!

Happy Friday 🙂 Xx ❤

I am loving all your questions loves!! Keep them coming, thanks for visiting my blog guys :)!!

Question: Hey Alya!
My name is Malika, I am 17years old 18 in a month.
Im travelling to pakistan for weddings in June, so I have 2months.
I have a pear shaped body ive really thin arms and fingers and stomach and waist
but my hips and butt is quite huge, icould you please tell me how to diet or excersice
Yours sincerely
Malikah Continue reading

Weight Loss Tea

17 Apr

Want to boost your metabolism and get a teeny tiny waist? Drink the below concoction 2x daily-first thing in the morning before breakfast & before bed. Continue reading

Alya’s Hot Body Tip of the Day

25 Mar
Caffeinate A Workout = Greater Fat Burn
By Alya Alyssa Kattan
In a previous post I wrote about caffeine being the best fat burner.  Since not all caffeinated beverages were created equal, some are better than others at fighting belly fat & helping you shed the weight off faster, I have decided to revisit this post.  If you have a spare tire, fill up on green tea before your next workout! Continue reading
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