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The Abs Diet

26 Dec

Foods for a Flat Sexy Stomach

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

Did you ever think that you can eat yummy foods such as olives, nuts, avocados and dark chocolate and still have a flat stomach?  Well you can by following this easy no hassle diet plan for a month and doing the ab exercise video I previously posted.

Dietitians for Prevention magazine constructed these 28 easy to make meals and the website reports that women who followed this diet for 28 days lost over 8 pounds and nearly 2 inches from their waist line so be assured that his diet works!  I have included a few recipes below curtsy of prevention.com and make sure to visit their website for all their delicious recipes.  Here is to never going hungry again!! Continue reading

Star’s Wacky Diet Secrets

17 Nov

Celebrities Latest Fad Diets: The Friend or Foe?

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

Image Credits Diet

Ever wonder how celebrities are able to shed the pounds at the blink of the eye (other than photo shoot :p). I am exposing the most popular and most secretive diet trends among Hollywood’s finest. Continue reading

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