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A Delicious Way To Combat Sweet Cravings!

19 Sep

Addicted to sweets? Satisfy your sweet tooth with some delicious fruit! Most fruit is low in calories and contains lots of fiber and beautifying antioxidants! Continue reading


Yummy Belly Busting Recipe

12 Sep

Vanilla Avocado Soft Serve

Tired of belly bulge? Well here is a super easy to make recipe (only 4 ingredients) that will help shrink your spare tire and make you more gorgeous! Super excited to share this recipe with you all :)!! Hope you enjoy! Continue reading

Skinny Dessert

23 May

Feeling like eating something naughty but your cheat day is still a few days away? Continue reading

Skinny Pita Pizza

9 May

Pizzzzzaaaa!  YUMMYYYY!! If you’re afraid that eating it will make you get fat, don’t be. Well as long as you make it healthy. Continue reading

Metabolism Boosting Drink!

2 May

Supercharge your metabolism with this delicious and easy to make drink! Only 3 ingredients, how easy is that 🙂 What’s in this drink that makes it so special? Green tea and tangerine! Drinking 1 cup of green tea has been shown to boost metabolism by 12%. Tangerine increases sensitivity to insulin and stimulates genes that help to burn fat. Continue reading

Most Delicious Skinny Fries

25 Apr

Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

I love French fries! Who is with me? But of course I can’t have these guilty pleasures all the time if I want to keep from blowing up like a cow and die young from a heart attack. IDK why when people think of eating healthy they associate it with boring, tasteless, and depriving foods (like eating paper or cotton balls). Well that is far from the truth, there are a LOT of delicious foods that are good for you as well! That’s the only kind I like 😉

If you love fries like I do, these fries will help you with your cravings and make you more beautiful at the same time :)! Continue reading

Beautifying Salad Recipe

11 Apr

Do you want to be more gorgeous? Eat Continue reading

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