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Guess Who?

20 May

Guess the Celeb Body?

Guess the celeb? Hint: She has been named the best-selling digital artist of all time.

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Abuse Aint Funny!

2 Apr

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

Black and bleu burgerI love Perez Hilton’s website and I like to check it on a regular basis for some juicy gossip! Sometimes his posts are soooo hilarious & outrageous.  I also love the fact that he is so opinionated and gives it like it is (doesn’t sugar coat anything).  If you’re in the mood for some controversy check out his post below.

Restaurant Compares Black And Bleu Sandwich To Chris Brown’s Abuse Of Rihanna Continue reading

Rihanna Wants to Bring Sexy Bum Back!

22 Mar

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

A while back Rihanna’s father called her fat and that made her want to go on a diet.  She lost weight and looks slimmer-good thing right? Wrong!  She lost her favorite body part :O and she wants it back! She explains in People Magazine:  Continue reading

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