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A Delicious Way To Combat Sweet Cravings!

19 Sep

Addicted to sweets? Satisfy your sweet tooth with some delicious fruit! Most fruit is low in calories and contains lots of fiber and beautifying antioxidants! Continue reading


Friday: Q & A

27 Apr

Lose Weight & Keep Your Curves

Hi GUYS!! Yeyyyy it’s the weekend!!

Q & A time!  Xx

Question: Dear Alya,

I am a new follower and I’m inlove with your blog as well as Huda’s. I have 4 girls of my own and I love to see how all of you, as sisters, are so beautiful in your own ways and have your own uniqueness.  So I tried commenting on the kim curvy no more? post but I don’t know if it went threw or not. This has been something I’ve been really interested in. I’ve always been into doing excercise eating well but I still enjoy my baking with my girls at times. My question is I’m a size 12 and I would love to go down to a 9 and I will be happpy.My only issue is that as soon as I start losing some weight my chest goes down, my hips dissappear and my rear end also. I love having some curve to me but is it possible to lose the weight and still have these curves or does it just go naturally with the lost of weight? I also don’t use heavy weights when I excercise , I don’t want to be bulky either.Or sometimes I think its the way I eat, I don’t know .Like I said this has always been something that kind of stops me from losing the weight I want in a way. I hope I make sense and thank you for your time and I love love your blog so much



Answer:  Hi Viviana darling 🙂 Hope you’re having a FAB weekend!!! So glad you started following my blog and that you love our blogs!!! Hearing that makes me so happy!!!! Thank you baby for the very sweet compliment and for the awesome question!!! Love you!!! Best of luck darling!!!

I have done a post on this already. Make sure to check it out below!

Unfortunately, you’re talking about “spot-reduction,” & I hate to tell you this:( but you can’t work one part of your body to achieve weight loss in that area. We tend to lose our boobs and butt when we lose weight because these body parts are highly composed of fat. So if you need to lose weight you will lose weight from everywhere. However, by taking the right approach, you can at least keep those body parts looking amazing (your breasts perky and lifted & your behind lifted). Continue reading

Slenderizing Drinks

4 Apr

 Shed the Weight Fast Recipes

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

Do you need to de-bloat?  If you’re carrying a little excess water weight (woman think period), these drinks will do the trick!  Drink them when you’re feeling fat/bloated and you will feel instantly thinner 🙂 Continue reading

Alya’s Hot Body Tip of the Day

21 Mar

HIIT for a Super Toned Body

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

The High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a method of exercising that makes the body burn fat quickly and gain muscle at the same time. HIIT makes the most out of your workout because it Continue reading

Guess Who?

7 Mar

Guess the Celeb Body?

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

Guess who the well-defined body above belongs to? Hint: This famous actor is a die hard fitness fanatic.

Continue reading

Alya’s Hot Body Tip of the Day

22 Jan

Mind Your Posture

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

Having good posture is so important Continue reading

Look Like a Goddess!

16 Jan

Celebs Slimming & Beautifying Secrets!

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

Hi lovelies!!

Who saw the Golden Globes last night?  What did you guys think?  Who was your favorite?  My favorite? IDK there are too many to choose from!  The ladies looked AMAZING!!!

Of course celebs do a lot to themselves to look great-lots of pampering, make-up, treatments, etc…  If you want to look like these gorgeous ladies, here are a few of their slimming and beautifying secrets! Continue reading

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